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K20 S311-1 B2 Business Vantage Cambridge Business English Qualification (BEC )

Beginn , , 18:00 - 20:15 Uhr
Kursgebühr 469,00 €
Dauer 20x
Kursleitung Andrea Adelung

With a B2 Business Vantage qualification, you show employers that you are ready to work successfully in international business. This exam could help you when applying for new jobs, getting a promotion, or developing your career.
A B2 Business Vantage certificate shows that you can:
- write short business messages und reports
- read articles from business publications
- listen to, understand and give your opinions in meetings.
Improve your career opportunities - get the English language skills you need to be successful! Be able to handle the main structure of the language with some confidence, demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary and show good understanding of spoken language.

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